Rosiorii Farm

Rosiorii Farm is Holde’s first acquisition, finalized in July 2018. The farm is located in the Teleorman county, near Rosiorii de Vede city, 120 km from Bucharest, 70 km to Zimnicea Port on Danube and 90 km to Corabia Port (also on the Danube river).

The total surface of the farm is 3,500 hectares, out of which 150 hectares are owned and the rest is rented. Additional 2,500 hectares of land will be added by Q4 2020.

The soil in the area of Rosiori Farm is very fertile and has good moisture retention capacity, this way facilitating good yields. At this moment the farmland is cultivated mainly in the organic system (approximately 60% of the surface).

6 affiliated companies, all of them 100% owned by Holde Agri Invest SA, operate the Rosiorii farm; each of them has their own ecological certification from ECOCERT. The farm has been organically certified in 2010, and it is in the second 5-years organic cycle. The organic crop is offering better price potential for the harvested grains and access to subsidies programmes dedicated to this sector.

Holde Agri Operational SRL, 100% owned by Holde Agri Invest, owns all the agricultural equipment and provides farming services to the 6 affiliated companies on their own acreages. This company will also acquire and manage all the materials and farming inputs, such as seeds, fertilizers, treatments, etc.) through its specialized acquisition system as well as will provide farming services, from ploughing to harvesting.