Vision, Mission, Values

10 years | 20,000 hectares of cultivated land | EUR 50 million in investments

The Romanian agricultural sector has big development potential. Our vision is to contribute to making agriculture part of Romania’s future, by creating value and developing rural communities through the use of technology and experienced professionals.

In line with this, our mission is to facilitate local communities’ access to innovative and sustainable farming while harnessing the potential of the land, our most prized asset, in a transparent and modern investment set-up.

We bring our mission to life, by:

  • Bringing local communities together in a sustainable ecosystem which truly adds value for all those involved;
  • Combining innovative methods and technologies with experienced agriculture and business professionals who always look for better, more efficient ways;
  • Having the courage to step on the unwalked path, by managing agriculture as a business;
  • By trusting ourselves and our partners to create one of the best agricultural projects on the local market.

In order to reach our goals, we:

  • Use the most modern technologies – in order to achieve good financial results, the farms should concentrate on using modern agricultural technologies (precision agriculture tools like autopilot, section control, green-eye, etc.).
  • Apply conservation soil tillage –  conservation soil tillage is the last trend in modern agriculture. Soil is the most important element in the production chain and special attention should be given to its preservation.
  • Ensure crop uniformity – crop uniformity can only be achieved by the quality of all works – tillage, seedbed preparation, seeding, spreading fertilization, applying treatments. Crop uniformity is the key to having successful yields.
  • Rely on use of intensive mechanization – in order to properly use specialized agricultural machinery and set them up for work, we involve specialized consultancy (specialized training) for the personnel at every farm site (farm chief, tractor operator, etc.).
  • Do not compromise on crop rotation – crop rotation is one of the key factors to successful crops, putting less pressure from weeds and diseases and giving a good balance of nutrients in the soil.
  • Perform periodically soil testing – soil tests will be performed every year in order to decide upon the fertilization plan and also to fundament key decisions in agriculture technology. Soil testing will address topics like soil PH or soil texture.
  • Plan and control – with the help of digitization (specialized software) we ensure very accurate planning, administration of activity and control over the materials used. All these factors are insuring full control over our operations.

We believe that with the right people, skills and with access to necessary capital, we will be able to reach our goals in 10 years by making Holde one of the top industry players in Romania with 20,000 hectares of cultivated land and over 50 million euro in investments.