Executive Team

Liviu Zăgan


Architect by education, and founding partner of CUMULUS Architecture, a leading design firm in Romania. Liviu has 10+ years experience in agriculture working with Cerealflor, the family farm. With Cerealflor he accelerated the development of the vegetables business line including KA network, processing factory and cold storage facility or agronomic consultancy for the field work. In the later stage he helped the business to integrate precision agriculture technology.

Aleg Covrig


Alex is a finance expert with 25 years experience who thought his career managed capex financing in excess of €50mn. He previously served as Finance and Administration Director at Pioneer HiBred and has been a Member of Board of Executives at the Romanian largest miller and baker company.

Matei Georgescu

Development Director

Arhitect by education, Matei has been involved in numerious real estate development projects. At Holde he is in charge of the business function related to land management and development.