Board of Directors

Holde Agri Invest is a joint-stock company (SA). Despite being a relatively young business, we already have a complex organizational structure in place, which was conceptualized taking into consideration the future listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Our Board of Directors consist of 6 members

Iulian Cîrciumaru


Iulian worked in management consulting for AT Kearney and PwC, thereafter he founded 7card, a company which was acquired by Sodexo. Since the exit, he is involved in venture capital.

Liviu Zăgan

Board Member

Architect by education, and founding partner of CUMULUS Architecture, a leading design firm in Romania. Liviu has 10+ years experience in agriculture working with Cerealflor, the family farm. With Cerealflor he accelerated the development of the vegetables business line including KA network, processing factory and cold storage facility or agronomic consultancy for the field work. In the later stage he helped the business to integrate precision agriculture technology.

Alex Covrig

Board Member

Alex is a finance expert with 25 years experience who thought his career managed capex financing in excess of €50mn. He previously served as Finance and Administration Director at Pioneer HiBred and has been a Member of Board of Executives at the Romanian largest miller and baker company.

Eugen Voicu

Board Member

With over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Eugen was involved in areas such as fund management, private pensions, insurance and leasing. He is also involved in various professional organizations.

Cosmin Mizof

Board Member

Cosmin has a 10+ years experience on local and regional capital markets with various roles in equity research, portfolio and risk management, investment banking and private equity. He is both a CFA and a CAIA charter holder.

Leonard Leca

Board Member

Leo Leca has an extended experience as an investor in various venture capital and private equity projects. He also had top management positions at Tiriac Holding (CEO, CFO) and A&D Pharma (CFO).

The Board of Directors is supported in their activity by the Advisory Board, which has a consultative capacity. Members of the Advisory Board are:

Daniela Nemoianu

Advisory Board Member

Dan Manolescu

Advisory Board Member

Pierre Cammaert

Agronomist, Strategic Consultant

Pierre Cammaert has 25 years of experience in agricultural production of field crops, 20 years of experience in technical advisory for agricultural companies. Pierre graduated from Agricultural College (Dronten Netherlands). He istraveling to various parts of the world in order to give knolige and to take experinece of various conditions for plants growing. He helds lectures in Serbia, Romania, Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia and more; very competent with agricultrual production process development and economics, farm management. Pierre works for Delphy (, one of the leading consultancy company in Europe (200+ consultants cross Europe and the world).