Board of Directors

Holde Agri Invest S.A. is administered by a Board of Directors, consisting of five members.

Board of Directors of Holde Agri Invest consist of 5 members:

Iulian Cîrciumaru


Iulian worked in management consulting for AT Kearney and PwC, thereafter he founded 7card, a company which was acquired by Sodexo. Since the exit, he is involved in venture capital. Iulian Circiumaru is a non-executive member and chairman of the Board of Directors of Holde Agri Invest since December 2022.

Mihai-Daniel Anitei

Board Member

Mihai Anitei built his career in various leadership roles within the agribusiness sector over the last 20-years. He currently is the Country Manager at Ameropa Group Romania, leading on topics that are common to the Group’s many businesses in Romania, such as energy purchasing, corporate affairs, strategy and business development. Prior to this role he was the CEO of Azomures. He is a board member for several companies within the Ameropa Group as well as major BVB-listed entities.

Leonard Leca

Board Member

Leonard Leca has an extended experience as an investor in various venture capital and private equity projects. He also had top management positions at Tiriac Holding (CEO, CFO) and A&D Pharma (CFO). Leonard Leca is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Holde Agri Invest since December 2022.

Daniela Nemoianu

Board Member

Having 22 years of experience in business and management consulting within the Big4 companies in Romani, Central and Eastern Europe, Daniela Nemoianu has participated in hundreds of large-scale transactions and projects, which have included strategic investments, privatizations and government projects. She has outstanding experience in risk management, corporate finance, legal and tax consulting, specializing in financial services, infrastructure, public sector and energy. Daniela Nemoianu is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Holde Agri Invest since December 2022.

Liviu Zăgan

Board Member

Architect by education, and founding partner of CUMULUS Architecture, a leading design firm in Romania. Liviu has 10+ years experience in agriculture working with Cerealflor, the family farm. With Cerealflor he accelerated the development of the vegetables business line including KA network, processing factory and cold storage facility or agronomic consultancy for the field work. In the later stage he helped the business to integrate precision agriculture technology. Liviu Zagan is a CEO and an executive member of the Board of Directors of Holde Agri Invest since December 2022.

Holde Agri Management is supported in its activity by the Advisory Board, which has a consultative capacity. Members of the Advisory Board are:

Adela Jansen

Advisory Board Member

With over 25 years of experience in a multinational environment across various industries like financial services, telecom, FMCG and recently in entrepreneurship, Adela is involved in business development, education, advocacy and corporate governance. She is also active in professional associations, business organizations and boards.

Dan Manolescu

Advisory Board Member

Pierre Cammaert

Advisory Board Member

Pierre Cammaert has 25 years of experience in agricultural production of field crops, 20 years of experience in technical advisory for agricultural companies. Pierre graduated from Agricultural College (Dronten Netherlands). He istraveling to various parts of the world in order to give knolige and to take experinece of various conditions for plants growing. He helds lectures in Serbia, Romania, Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia and more; very competent with agricultrual production process development and economics, farm management. Pierre works for Delphy (, one of the leading consultancy company in Europe (200+ consultants cross Europe and the world).

Petronel Postolache

Advisory Board Member

Petronel has more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector in various leadership and management positions. He currently manages all lending activity of SME's from the position of Division Head, coordinating a team of over 40 people. His educational background includes a specialization in cybernetics with a master's degree in eBusiness at Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He is currently following studies at Agronomy University.