About Holde

The concept for Holde was invented in 2016 by four Romanian entrepreneurs, Liviu Zagan, Robert Maxim, Matei Georgescu, and Alexandru Covrig. In 2017, the founders have joined forces with the team from the local asset management company, Certinvest and together, in 2018, they established the innovative business model behind Holde Agri Invest SA. Soon after Holde received the first external investment from Vertical Severn Group, a fund established by Romanian entrepreneurs Iulian Cîrciumaru and Andrei Cretu.

Holde was born out of the belief that agriculture is the future, not only in Romania but also globally. At Holde, we believe that through technology, proper organization, and the right people, we can truly add value while also transforming the local rural landscape.

Today, the Romanian agricultural sector is very diverse – with an enormous number of landowners of small farms of 5-10 hectares, but also having one of the largest farms in Europe. With the small and medium players in mind, we consider it in our mission to facilitate local communities’ access to innovative and sustainable farming while harnessing the potential of the land, our most prized asset, in a transparent and modern investment set-up.

In July 2018 we have made our first acquisition by buying a 2800 hectares farm in the Rosiori de Vede area in Teleorman county. In August 2018, we began farming the land. In September 2019 we have closed series A financing round by attracting 5 million euro, capital that was spent on expanding the Rosiorii farm to 3,500 hectares as well as the acquisition of machinery. The same year we have bought a silo with storage capacity of 10,000 tones. In December 2019 we have made first steps in capital markets by raising 10 million lei from Bucharest Stock Exchange investors in a private placement for Holde shares. With fresh capital raised, in May 2020 we have finalized the acquisition of Agromixt Buciumeni farm from Calarasi that boasts 3,500 hectares.

By the end of 2020, we expect to reach 10,000 hectares of operated land. Our objective for the next 5-7 years is to reach minimum 20,000 hectares and to become one of the most important, local players in the Romanian agricultural market. In order to reach this ambitious goal, we plan to appeal to different capital markets instruments in order to finance our growth and development and become the agricultural project of reference in the local market.