Investment Timeline

Holde’s business concept was invented in 2016 by four Romanian entrepreneurs determined to develop a modern agricultural business where efficiency and operational excellence is the main driver of the results. Formally established in 2018, Holde has undergone a rapid growth in the course of the past two years thanks to multiple financing rounds during which significant capital was raised.


  • The initiators lay the foundations for the concept of managing multiple agricultural sites in Romania
  • Preparation of the initial business plan and strategy
  • Field research, searching for farms for sale
  • Discussions with potential investors


  • Certinvest team joins the project and contributes to defining the Holde Agri Invest project
  • Preparation of the corporate governance concept
  • Beginning of equity financing raising by Certinvest



  • Establishing Holde Agri Invest SA and Holde Agri Management SRL
  • Attracting first investors
  • Purchasing the first farm of 2,800 ha
  • Establishing Shared Services Centre and hiring the necessary team members


  • Acquisition of agricultural machinery and equipment worth 2 million euro
  • Closing Series A funding of 5 million euro
  • Raising 2 million euro (10 million lei) from Bucharest Stock Exchange investors during the private placement


  • Acquisition of Agromixt Farm
  • Increasing acreage to 8,000 ha
  • Second private placement for HAI shares
  • Listing on AeRO market of BVB


  • Extending Rosiori farm by 2,000ha
  • Reaching total acreage of almost 10,000 ha
  • Performing operational optimizations
  • Increasing storage capacity
  • Beginning investments in irrigation


  • Extending Rosiori farm by 440 ha
  • Acquition of Contesti farm, the fourth core farm of Holde
  • Reaching total acreage of almost 12,000 ha
  • Partnering with Toneli Holding to ensure circular farming
  • Finalizing the share capital increase and raising 21 million lei