Videle Farm

Videle Farm has a total area of ​​2,400 hectares of leased land and which before being taken over by Holde, was managed by Agrocom Exim Prod SRL. The acquisition and integration of the farm into the Holde concept was carried out over approximately two years. In 2019, Holde exploited 850 hectares of land within the farm, in 2020 the operated area reached 1,600 ha, and starting with July 2021, the company fully exploited the 2,400 ha. In the summer of 2021, conventional crops of wheat, rapeseed, corn and sunflower were grown on the farm.

The takeover transaction of Agrocom Exim Prod SRL was financed in proportion of 62% debt and 38% equity. Currently, 88% of the total area of ​​the farm is represented by leases signed for a period of more than 8 years. In addition to the exploited land, the farm comes with its own base located in Videle, a number of 10 employees, but also with a fleet of agricultural equipment that needs improvement. In the next period, Holde will begin the process of modernizing the farm, the main investments being focused on the renewal of the agricultural machinery park and the construction of a silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons. In the long run, management expects the farm to reach its peak in 2024.