2022 Share capital increase

In this section, investors can find all the information related to the 2022 Capital Increase Operation of Holde Agri Invest S.A., approved by the decision of Holde Agri Management S.R.L., the Sole Administrator of the Company, issued on 04.03.2022. The share capital increase operation is carried out in accordance with the resolution of the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders dated 24.11.2021.

According to decision of the Sole Administrator, the Company will issue in the capital increase operation 32,034,898 new class A shares with a nominal value of RON 1.0/share. The capital increase operation will be organized in two stages. First stage is subscription based on preference rights, second is the private placement. The detailed timeline of the operation is presented below:

Event Date
Trading of preference rights 15.06.2022 – 21.06.2022
Stage 1: subscriptions based on preference rights 24.06.2022 – 24.07.2022
Publishing of the report about closing Stage 1 25.07.2022
Stage 2: private placement for remaining  shares Established through a separate decision of the Sole Director

In the first stage, the investors will be able to purchase newly issued shares based on the number of preference rights. To subscribe a new share, 1.818099155489741 preference rights are required, with rounding off to the nearest inferior natural number. Apart from holding the rights, investors will also need to pay the price as set up in the Prospectus at 1.65 lei / share.  The pre-emption rights, symbol HAIR03, were loaded in the shareholders accounts on 28.03.2022. The preference rights will be traded on the MTS-AeRO market, in period specified above.

The Class A shares that remain unsubscribed after the first phase, will be offered through a private placement (which may include, as the case may be, conversion operations of certain, liquid and due receivables held by the persons who have transferred Class B shares to the Company under the buyback programme approved by resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 2 of 27 April 2022, as will be decided separately by the Sole Director of the Company), at a price that will be established by the Sole Director of the Company through a separate decision which will be taken after the completion of Stage 1.



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